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10 Lyrics

Ten Lyrics
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Write 10 fanfics or draw 10 fanarts based on a table of your choice
Welcome to 10 Lyrics.

A fanfiction and fanart based community where you use a table of ten prompts to inspire you. Ten feels like a very achievable number of fics to write or arts to create, am I right?

And I'm all about stress free so there's no set time limits!

Initially, and here's the mean part, I'm going to limit it to comics based (not comics based movies though) fandoms because there are lots of comms for tv/movie/animanga out there in LJ land (but I might open it up if I get too many "suggestions" to do so). :D

Join the comm to do any of the next part but you can leave straight away again if it's not to your liking, I won't take it personally. *cries*

Next, follow these five (or six, it's up to you) steps:

Step 1: Claim a fandom / character or pairing here
Step 2: Pick a table
Step 3: Write your fics/draw your arts
Step 4: Post them using this template
Step 5: Shout out when you've finished your table
Step 6: Begin again. *\o/*

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